H & B 32 watercolor colored pencils kit
H & B 32 watercolor colored pencils kit
H & B 32 watercolor colored pencils kit
H & B 32 watercolor colored pencils kit
H & B 32 watercolor colored pencils kit
H & B 32 watercolor colored pencils kit
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Brief description of H & B 32 watercolor colored pencils kit

H & B watercolor colored pencils kit 32 has a complete range and relatively high degree of professionalism. It can be your first choice for drawing and drawing. H & B 32 watercolor colored pencils kit contains white charcoal pencil, water-soluble color lead and oily color lead, which can meet your different professional requirements. Among them, the water-soluble color lead is a high-quality color lead, which is smooth, thick and breaks. White charcoal pencils can make your brush strokes delicate and natural, with moderate hardness, and oily color lead can make your painting more vivid and bright.

Is there a discount for purchasing H & B 32 watercolor colored pencils kit?
Yes.If you buy the H & B 32 watercolor colored pencils kit, you can enjoy a certain discount. H & B will launch some discount activities from time to time. If you buy watercolor colored pencils kit during the event, contact our customer service to enjoy more and bigger discount.

Where can I buy the watercolor colored pencils set?
At present, the watercolor colored pencils set has been sold in many countries. You can go to Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, or AliExpress to purchase related products, and you can also visit the official website for details.

 H & B 32 watercolor colored pencils kit combination:
12 colors water soluble color lead
1 extender
3 white charcoal pens (high gloss, toning, super white)
1 short fountain pen
12 compressed color sticks
1 white eraser
1 single-hole metal pen sharpener
1 sponge

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