120pcs water soluble colored pencils
120pcs water soluble colored pencils
120pcs water soluble colored pencils
120pcs water soluble colored pencils
120pcs water soluble colored pencils
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Brief description of 120pcs water soluble colored pencils 

Exquisite packaging: 3-layer handmade box packaging makes the product look more delicate and can be used as a gift to friends.

Water-soluble colored pencils: After you draw with 120pcs water soluble colored pencils, you will have a rich color effect after coloring with water and a brush. The colors can also be mixed to produce a watercolor-like effect, which is more difficult to draw. "Easier to master.

Strong professionalism: This water-soluble color lead meets your professional needs for color lead, whether it is material or artistic, it is very good.

120pcs water soluble colored pencils  combination:
72 color watercolor pencil set,12 charcoal pencils (4 soft/4 medium/4 hard),12-color metallic lead,12 sketches,Pencil (2H/3H/4H/5H/HB/B/2B/3B/4B/5B/6B/8B),1 6B graphite pencil,1 metal utility knife,1 soft eraser,1 double-ended pencil extender,3 solid paper pens,1 white eraser, 1 diamond board, 1 double-headed metal sharpener, 1 brush, 1 single-hole plastic pencil sharpener, 1 A4 watercolor book.
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