How to use colored pencils

How to use colored pencils


How to use colored pencils

 how to use colored pencils-colored pencils rendering
This topic will show you how much colored pencils have to offer. Besides pencils, colored pencils are also basic drawing tools. Although generally associated with children, this painting medium actually offers many interesting techniques for adding color and depth to your artwork and creating simple drawings and photorealistic artwork.

With the right coloring and drawing supplies, even beginners can produce great results on paper or canvas. The equipment every artist uses, regardless of their age, needs to support their creativity and allow them to experiment with a variety of shading techniques. At H&B, we offer a wide selection of art supplies to best suit the needs of beginners, amateur artists and true professionals of all ages. Discover our high-quality colored pencils, multipurpose paints, painting sets, and more at very reasonable prices!

 Compared with other painting tools, brushes convey the artist's foundation, observation and expressive power more intuitively and flexibly.
H & B has been engaged in professional production for more than ten years in the production of brushes. The selection of high-quality materials, coupled with expert-level exquisite craftsmanship, provides artists with more high-quality choices.
The correct selection of brushes is very important. Winsor & Newton provides multiple brush series to achieve different painting effects. Choosing the right brush is very important for artistic creation.
Our high-quality artist brushes have remained handmade to this day.

Tips for using colored pencils: A light touch or a certain amount of pressure on the colored pencils can make a big difference! Of course, lighter pencil pressure will produce lighter colors, while heavier hands will produce darker, saturated shades. Most colored pencil gurus prefer to use lighter pressure because it creates a better base for layering color. If you use too much pressure, it will be impossible to lay any extra color on the darker shades. Also, lighter pencil strokes are easier to correct if mistakes are made.

You can take out a color pencil and use different strengths to feel the color changes. You will soon see the difference.

Rubbing technique

This is a technique of placing a textured item under paper and rubbing the surface of the paper with a pencil, leaving the texture behind. It's like rubbing coins on paper as a child. This technique is not often used by everyone, but for some color pencil effects, it is very convenient to use this technique. To achieve a certain effect, we can place the paper on a textured surface such as lace, leaves or any other surface with bumps and bumps. Rub colored pencils against the surface of the paper to leave a textured effect.

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