H & B's artistic Mid-Autumn Festival activities

H & B's artistic Mid-Autumn Festival activities


The H & B Mid-Autumn Festival Art Event will be held on September 18, 2021. The content of the event is rich and varied, including the production of lanterns, greeting cards, and the New Trade War.

H & B's artistic Mid-Autumn Festival activities
H & B Art Mid-Autumn Festival
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Art Brands
H & B sketch pencil set :
In this event, we produced a lot of artworks, such as lanterns and greeting cards. Everyone on the lanterns used the products to draw many patterns. There are jade rabbits, flowers, etc., which perfectly illuminate the traditional art of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Among them, H & B 3sketch pencil set is the most useful. H & B 3sketch pencil set  uses natural and healthy ingredients, and the colors are also complete, which can meet the high demand of painters for painting.

H & B 260 pcs drawing pencil set :

H & B 260 pcs drawing pencil set played a very important role in our activity, especially the writing of greeting cards. The H & B 260 pcs drawing pencil set is a completely reliable color lead with a variety of gray scales. If you use it for drawing, it will not only have a strong decontamination ability, but also a hazy and soft effect.
Art Brands
Art Brands
Activity lanterns use product color effects :
The friends made their own artistic lanterns during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The patterns on these lanterns used the company's popular art products, and the effect can be seen.
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Art Brands
Our ART products

  • 28 pcs drawing pencil set

  • 96 pcs color pencil set

  • 26 water color pencil

  • 37 pcs colored pencil set in plastic box

  • 12 pcs of painting iron box set

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