H & B art changes life

H & B art changes life


H & B art changes life

H & B art changes life

Gibran said,

You can do your best to be like a child,

But don't let your child become like you,

Because life doesn't go backwards,

Nor will it stop in the past.


people who love to draw

most love life

Because the tip of the pen always flows out the bits and pieces of life

full of happiness

Regarding children who draw, parents please understand that clothes can be washed if they are dirty, and things can be cleaned up if the house is messed up, but once a child's imagination is lost, it will be difficult to come back.

Life is life, and painting is painting; although the inspiration for painting comes from life, it does not mean that life is the final result of painting. You must have your own ideas and opinions in painting, don’t be stereotyped~

  • In addition to responsibility, art learning also needs to establish core values. Learning just for the sake of learning will lose a lot of scenery and fun in the process!