Sketch Pencil Sets for Beginners

Sketch Pencil Sets for Beginners


Sketch Pencil Sets for Beginners

Sketch Pencil Sets for Beginners

For beginners of sketching, how to train lines?

The first one can use line drafts to draw and sketch. Many great gods use sketching training to practice the basic expression ability of lines. Sketching also uses lines to quickly express the effect of pictures, or to record some pictures; for example, when we write books, why? Some characters are beautifully written because they have a clear control over the lines and an aesthetic basis.

Sketch tools

The tools for arranging cables are mainly divided into pencils and charcoal pens, as well as pen and paper and paper towels.

Sketch pencils: prepare four or five pencils like HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B, and 10B (H-4B belongs to hard lead, and 4B and above belong to soft lead)

Note: There must be one pencil from HB~10B (from B to 8B, the pencil is getting softer and softer, because the pencil is soft, so there will be more lead left on the paper, so the larger the model of B, the better the color Deep. And from HB, the bigger the H size, the harder the pencil. So the color left on the paper is less, because the color will be lighter) The price is slightly different for different models. (Actually, the painting tools are easy to use, there is no need to buy expert-level ones)

Charcoal: Charcoal is divided into soft, medium and hard models. Soft charcoal is better,darker in color, but easy to break, while hard charcoal is lighter in color and not easy to break.

3. Wiring

The form of wiring is: center, side, flat, thick, thin, sparse, dense, long, short, and rubbed after wiring.

a, wipe the rear line b, side seam c, horizontal line d, wipe after the line

b : The side seam can also be said to be a vertical line. The center maintains uniform strength and uses a pen at a slightly slower speed. The brushstroke is restrained and subtle. Such a line is easy to give the picture a tactful characterization trace. From the tip of the pen to the flank, the speed is fast and the lines are coherent, so that the strong and strong lines are drawn, which is conducive to expressing the rough texture.

d : Wipe after arranging the lines, that is to say, first lay out a large tone to determine the relationship between black, white and gray, and then wipe with paper and pencil to make the light and dark relationship of the tone more clear. After wiping, the white pen and paper will be darker.

The third picture in the above picture is to wipe the lines with a paper towel. Folding the paper towel to a certain thickness can wipe out the effect of pen and paper, and also can wipe out the effect of gradient. The last picture in the above picture is rubbing the tones with fingers. This is how the artist's black hand rubs out. Each finger has a corresponding rubbing area, such as the boundary line between light and dark, gray, dark, projection, etc.

8 suggestions for zero-based practice sketching:

1. Focus on basic skills. Start with lines, perspective, and light and shadow. Ranked in order.

2. For drawing comics, sketching can train the control of lines, which is a very good way to get started. Keywords: long lines, one stroke at a time.

3. Sketching is indispensable as a basic skill. It is recommended to draw still lifes to train your perspective and light and shadow. Cups, apples, boxes are fine, slowly transitioning to complex shapes.

4. The posture of holding the pen when painting: holding stick and Japanese.