Oil Color Medium Production

Oil Color Medium Production


oil colour medium production

As the name suggests, oil painting is the combination of oil and painting. Some people joked that oil painting depends on painting half and oil the other half. From a certain point of view, this statement is not excessive. As an auxiliary material of oil painting, oil painting media can help artists achieve various special effects, or improve drying speed, transparency, fluidity and gloss.

Artist blended oil is the basic medium commonly used in oil painting, which can promote the fluency and transparency of pigments; When mixed with oil paint in painting, it can form smooth strokes, which is very suitable for "oiling out".

 The artist's quick drying blend oil can promote the fluency of the paint after mixing with the oil painting paint; And it can improve the drying speed and halve the drying time, which is very suitable for sketching.

As mentioned above, the artist's blended oil is very suitable for "oiling out", which is a technique suitable for dealing with the oil absorption and dim parts of the finished painting.

The dull part is usually caused by the use of cheap oil painting carrier with strong oil absorption, such as oil painting frame or the use of too much diluent without sufficient medium, so that the oil of the upper pigment leaks to the lower layer. When the pigment is dry, you can dip a small amount of artist's color matching oil with a clean cloth, wipe it in the dark place, erase the excess medium, wait for 1-2 days to dry, and repeat the same process until the surface of the work shows the same luster.

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