H & B Professional 32 Sketching Pencils Set USA
H & B Professional 32 Sketching Pencils Set USA
H & B Professional 32 Sketching Pencils Set USA
H & B Professional 32 Sketching Pencils Set USA
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Brief description of H & B 32 pcs drawing pencil set

H & B 32 pcs drawing pencil sets contains a lot of small things, there are 32 pieces, to meet your professional requirements and richness requirements for drawing. H & B sketching pencils set 32 has many advantages. For example, it has up to 12 shades of gray for you to choose from. It has complete functions. You can use it to write, portray, and sketch. In addition, the professionalism of H & B sketching pencils set 32 is very high. When you use it for drawing or sketching, it will not reflect light and will bring you a wonderful visual impact.
H & B 32 pcs drawing pencil sets are currently sold in many countries in Europe and Asia, and are also sold on platforms such as Amazon and Alibaba. If you buy, you can also enjoy a variety of discounts!
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H & B 32 pcs drawing pencil set combination:

12 drawing pencils 8B, 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, 2H, 3H, 4H, 5H
3 carbonized pencils soft (SOFT), medium (MEDIUM), hard (HARD)
1 graphite pencil 7.2*175mm 6B
3 double-headed solid paper pens (large, medium and small)
3 graphite strips (6B, 2B, HB)
3 carbon strips (soft, medium and hard)
1 green double-ended extender (printed with H&B logo)
1 utility knife
1 piece of white rubber (printed with logo)
1 piece of soft rubber (printed with logo)
1 large sandboard
1 single-hole plastic pen sharpener
1 double-hole metal pen sharpener

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